CR Gontijo offers to its clients the development of integrated structural engineering. We count on state of the art technology for structural analysis, design and detailing. Our team offer the following engineering services to our clients:
  • Structural analysis, design and detailing for overhead transmission and distribution systems structures.
  • Electrical substation analysis, design and detailing.
  • Structural analysis, design and detailing for telecommunication structures.
  • Foundation analysis and design for the above-mentioned structures.
  • Technical consulting services.
  • Production cards for CNC machines.
  • Shop sketches for detailed structural drawings.

Drawing back on an extensive database of structures analyzed going back more than 20 years, we are able to expertly analyze the full range of structures. The most common are:

  • Self-supporting lattice structures.
  • Guyed lattice structures.
  • Steel poles.
  • Concrete poles.